Process Masters Corporation

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Mining and Mineral Processing

Process Masters provides a number of treatment programs to the mining and mineral processing industry.  We focus on meeting our customer’s environmental goals including compliance with discharge legislation.


Our chemical programs will help aid in dewatering and drying, water recovery and recycling, clarifying of water and process streams and reduction of TSS. Additional programs can improve filtration in centrifuges and cone thickening to increase slurry density. We can also help with dust control and environmentally friendly belt deicing programs. 


Process Masters supplied feed equipment and technical service representatives make sure treatment programs are applied effectively to produce optimum results at the lowest possible cost.  Process Masters monitors inventories and usage to advise you when to reorder.  Contact a Process Masters’ Representative to find out how our expertise in the mining and mineral processing industry can benefit your process.


Process Masters provides:


  1. Discharge legislation compliance.
  2. Dewatering and drying.
  3. Water recovery and recycling.
  4. Clarifying of water and process streams.
  5. TSS Reduction.
  6. Improved filtration in centrifuges.
  7. Cone thickening to increase slurry density.
  8. Dust control on roads and stockpiles.
  9. Environmentally-friendly belt deicing programs.
  10. Metering equipment.
  11. Expert technical service.

* Our R&D team is constantly developing new products and application methods to ensure that you

   receive cutting edge performance. 


Contact us at to see how Process Masters

can offer assistance and develop a

custom program for you.


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