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 Meat and Poultry Processing


Process Masters can provide you with a custom tailored wastewater treatment program with inventory monitoring and oversight for less than you would pay to a commodity supplier. Whether you are operating a small packing plant or a large scale grow, slaughtering, and rendering plant, Process Masters can deliver excellent products and services to keep your wastewater plant running smoothly.


Our wide range of products includes treatment programs for removal of metals, TSS, BOD, COD, and ammonia; we also offer cost effective solutions to control pH, foam, and alkalinity; and remove odor causing sulfides. If you dewater your sludge our treatment programs can help you improve the performance of your DAF, belt press, plate press, and centrifuge. We provide, install, and maintain all product application equipment with available flow proportioning at no cost to you, saving you time and money. Our expert technicians deliver our products and monitor treatment programs to ensure that the treatment is being applied effectively for optimum performance.


Count on Process Masters to solve your wastewater treatment problems. 



Process Masters provides:


  1. Removal of metals, TSS, BOD, COD, and ammonia.
  2. Control of pH, foam, and alkalinity.
  3. Removal of odor causing sulfides.
  4. Improved performance on DAF’s, belt presses, plate presses, and centrifuges.
  5. Treatment of drains.
  6. Metering equipment.
  7. Expert technical service.

* Our R&D team is constantly developing new products and application methods to ensure that you 

   receive cutting edge performance. 



Contact us at to see how Process Masters can offer assistance and develop a

custom program for you.


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