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 Landscaping and Agriculture


Whether conditions are too dry or too wet for your specific needs; Process Masters offers tackifier and water absorption products.


Our MasterTack is designed to: minimize soil erosion, improve fertilizer performance, reduce ambient dust, reduce soil runoff, provide cleaner runoff water, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of hydroseeding and hydromulching. 


Process Masters’ MasterSorb products: help increase absorbency of water in applications where water retention in soil is needed to minimize water use, extend plant yield, and create stronger root structures. 



Process Masters provides:


1.  MasterTack:

  •  Reduction of sediment, seed, and fertilizer runoff.
  •  Reduction of runoff water turbidity.
  •  Dust abatement in low traffic areas.
  •  Stabilizes soil on slopes to reduce erosion with or without hydro-seeding.
  •  Improves water infiltration by up to 60%.
  •  Helps keep hydro-seeding process flowing smoothly by lubricating equipment.

2.  MasterSorb:

  •  Reduction of irrigation frequency by up to 50%.
  •  One application can last up to 5 to 10 years.
  •  Retention of fertilizers and other water soluble additives in the soil.
  •  Faster, stronger, and more even crop or vegetation growth in soil.
  •  Promotion of deeper root growth, better irrigation penetration, and better soil aeration by de-compacting soil.

3.  Metering equipment.

4.  Expert technical service.

* Our R&D team is constantly developing new products and application methods to ensure that you

   receive cutting edge performance. 

Contact us at to see how Process Masters can offer assistance and develop a

custom program for you.


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