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 Industrial and Metal Processing


Process Masters Treatment programs focus on meeting our customer’s environmental goals. Industrial and metal processing often includes the added challenge of removing metals from wastewater.


Process Masters treatment programs can: remove metals while optimizing TSS removal; remove BOD, COD and ammonia; control foam; improve filtration in centrifuges, plate press and belt presses; de-tackify paint; control odor; and remove sulfides while minimizing waste. Corrosion and scale control treatment programs are also available.


Process Masters supplied feed equipment and expert technical service representatives make sure treatments are applied effectively to produce optimum results. Our feed equipment includes flow proportioning capability with inventory control and just in time deliveries to help minimize treatment costs.



Process Masters provides:


  1. Total Suspended Solids Optimization.
  2. Removal of BOD, COD and ammonia.
  3. Foam control.
  4. Improve filtration in centrifuges, plate presses, and belt presses.
  5. De-tackifing paint.
  6. Odor control.
  7. Sulfide removal.
  8. Corrosion and Scale control.
  9. Metering equipment.
  10. Expert technical service.

* Our R&D team is constantly developing new products and application methods to ensure that you

   receive cutting edge performance. 

Contact us at to see how Process Masters can offer assistance and develop a 

custom program for you.


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