Process Masters Corporation

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 Industrial and Municipal Wastewater


Process Masters customers appreciate our comprehensive approach to wastewater problem solving. Our wide range of products includes treatment programs for: phosphate removal; bioaugmentation for removal of BOD, COD, and ammonia; removal of metals; treatment of bacteria and nutrients; and control of pH, alkalinity, foam and odor.


We focus on your challenges and follow through until your goals are met. Our hands-on experience treating DAF’s, presses, centrifuges, and thickeners is unmatched in the industry. We can also assist with treatment application.  Equipment is provided, installed and maintained by our expert technicians. Our feed equipment is available with flow proportioning to minimize treatment cost. Process Masters also monitors inventories and usage to advise you when to reorder.

If it’s a wastewater problem, we can help.   


Process Masters provides:


  1. Phosphate Removal.
  2. Bioaugmentation for removal of BOD, COD, and ammonia.
  3. Metals removal.
  4. Treatment of bacteria and nutrients.
  5. Control of pH, alkalinity, foam, and odor.
  6. Treatments for DAF’s, presses, centrifuges, and thickeners.
  7. Metering equipment.
  8. Expert technical service.

* Our R&D team is constantly developing new products and application methods to ensure that you    

   receive cutting edge performance. 

Contact us at to see how Process Masters can offer assistance and develop a

custom program for you.


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