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Cut Stone


The increased demand for cut building stone and thin veneer stone has prompted much growth in the production of these materials.  Process Masters’ custom tailored treatment programs settle solids and provide cleaner return water to help our customers meet the demands of a growing business.


Our programs allow stone cutting operations efficient treatment of saw discharge water to; allow easier removal of mud no matter the collection method, provide longer return water pump life, increase life on saw blades, reduce ambient dust, and enhance the appearance of the final cut stone product.


Process Masters’ treatment programs will enhance the efficiency of any cutting process no matter what systems are already in place to handle saw water discharge.  We offer evaluation and system design at no charge.  Contact a Process Masters’ Representative to find out how our expertise in the cut stone industry can benefit your process.

Process Masters provides:


  1. Extension of the life of everything that the return water comes into contact with; including pumps, saw   blade cores, segments, and plumbing.
  2. Improved mud handling whether sediment is pumped, pressed or dug out of the settling ponds or clarifier.  More efficient handling of mud reduces time spent handling the waste and allows more production time.
  3. Reduction of ambient dust generated by the return water.
  4. Metering equipment.
  5. Expert technical service.


* Our R&D team is constantly developing new products and application methods to ensure that you 

   receive cutting edge performance. 

Contact us at to see how Process Masters can offer assistance and develop a 

custom program for you.


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